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Head Contact – Blunt Training Advice – Series Article

A Blunt Training Words Series. Head contact and concussion. Head Contact Must be an integral part of training. Concussion is real. You will get hit in the head, Learn more about concussion and follow a professional training plan to manage risk in training.  Plus, other risks are now prevalent including insurance claims. Read this article […]

Loyalty, lineage and how it benefits your training and life.

At Phoenix we encourage loyalty to the club you train at for your benefit. Loyalty is a positive character trait and if you are loyal to who trains you, who trains with you and commit as part of the team you will benefit. You can train at Phoenix and be a member at any other […]

Training to be a Fighter. Blunt Training Advice – Series Article

Fight Training. Being a fighter and general blunt advice. February 2024. Fighters are athletes. Everyone needs a team, a support base, and a great trainer. In the fight, you are the one that must perform, trust and believe in yourself, your preparation and your team. You should watch the level of fights that you are […]

The State of Play – Muay Thai in Australia viewed from Space.

The State of play in Australia – Muaythai – Written 2021 and updated Feb 2024. A view from space.  A current focus on Muaythai in Australia and the architecture that shapes it.  Muaythai is a sport that has been growing consistently in Australia for over 25 years and is now stronger, larger, and more mainstream […]

Self Defence Requirements & A Warrior Code

REAL LIFE SELF DEFENCE REQUIREMENTS – A check list of how to be tougher to Kill and never be a victim.  Have situational awareness and practice it. Be sinical, trust your intuition and your fear signals. Have Competent skills to counter the reality of threats in your life. Have a code to live by and […]

Uncertainty & Performance – Blunt Training Advice – Series Article

Uncertainty causes stress and anxiety. Worrying about something causes stress. Negative stress prior to competition will not contribute to superior performance. Stress and anxiety in competition will dramatically affect performance. It is impossible to not feel some anxiety, some trepidation and nervousness about performance. When it comes as constant anxiety leading up to an event, […]

Sparring for Muay Thai & Kickboxing (K-1)

Sparring is the hardest aspect of training to coach and the at the same time the easiest. It is an essential part of training. You cannot do a combat sport unless you are sparring. If you don’t spar, you are only doing the sport for fitness, and you don’t know fitness unless you spar. Avoiding sparring […]