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Judging Bias. Why can judging Muay Thai Fights consistently be hard and how your biases and rule knowledge affect your thinking. (Part 2 of 2)

A comparison and review of the different scoring from different sanctioning bodies. This is a 2-part article. Please read part 1 first. Introduction. Rules from different sanctioning bodies and how they differ in scoring, explanation, and culture. Show how judges trained in one organisation can make mistakes with another, and anyone not trained in the […]

The fictious minefield of Insurance Cover for Combat Sports.

Will your insurance cover you? Are you ‘qualified’ to coach Muay Thai or Kickboxing? This is an article for club owners, managers, and head instructors. I am contacting you to just check something regarding your club insurance. I am not selling you anything and am not a, insurance broker. This is just out of concern […]


I have developed these for me, they are not designed for everyone. Maybe a few of them will help your life stay centered and will resonate with you. I read them often and remember the lessons behind then and how they can help me every day in making the most of life. Get out of […]

Head Contact – Blunt Training Advice – Series Article

A Blunt Training Words Series. Head contact and concussion. Head Contact Must be an integral part of training. Concussion is real. You will get hit in the head, Learn more about concussion and follow a professional training plan to manage risk in training.  Plus, other risks are now prevalent including insurance claims. Read this article […]

The LAW’s of HARD according to LIFE.

THE LAWs OF HARD Life is hard and there are so many hard things that we need some dot point of what actually is hard and why hard is good, hard is life. That everything in your life is good because everything in your life has made you who you are. That nothing of any […]

Loyalty, lineage and how it benefits your training and life.

At Phoenix we encourage loyalty to the club you train at for your benefit. Loyalty is a positive character trait and if you are loyal to who trains you, who trains with you and commit as part of the team you will benefit. You can train at Phoenix and be a member at any other […]