Muay Thai – Kickboxing – Children’s Classes – GRIT

Kids Membership (5-14 YEARS)


Our Muay Thai classes for kids are martial art classes with fitness and character development. They are suitable for kids who like exercise and sport and love having a go and learning. We develop resilience, fitness, respect and competence. We run a ‘keep up’ program, and the classes are physically challenging. We believe in discipline, hard work and deliberate practice to aim for excellence.

We coach kids how to fight so they don’t have to. We develop warriors with the skills and code to be good people who can stand up for themselves. Any real Martial art is a contact sport with training that is developmental and increases in challenges as you progress. We are not baby sitters and the ‘safe place’ we offer is a HARD place to learn adversity and to overcome challenges.

You can assured your child will get more than you pay for and learn real skills for life. Classes are disciplined, structured and vigorous. Children are expected to behave, be a good team member and try hard. We follow a rigorous grading system but we don’t have belts, we don’t do forms, everyone learns to spar and we are no nonsense, non culture copying; effective fighting system with grit.


Phoenix Kids Classes are programmed, disciplined, hard work and great fun for your child.

You can do one FREE TRIAL to assess us and we assess the Childs suitability.

You then join on a 3 month ‘kick starter’ program that you pay for by fortnightly direct debit.

After the Kickstarter, your membership is ongoing via fortnightly direct debit with no minimum period.

Please refer to the timetable and price list for your Childs age.

Kids Intermediate and 14+ can do Adult classes with a youth membership.

Everyone joining requires to purchase a starter pack to have the correct equipment.