Anthony Manning

Head Coach

Anthony is the head coach and owner of Phoenix Gym; which opened in 1996 as a full time Combat Sports training facility. Anthony was the first of Phoenix’s NSW and Australian Champions at Kickboxing. He has trained thousands of regular Canberrans to become champions in life through the Phoenix System. In order to grow the strength of Phoenix and the quality of the people that train here; Anthony has never stopped training, learning and sharing his knowledge. This is possible through a great team of coaches who are part of the Phoenix family. People who have developed their skills and experience by progressing through the Phoenix system from student, to athlete, to coach, and beyond.

When he was 14, Anthony started training in Karate at the local school hall. He continued progressing and testing himself by taking on harder and harder martial arts; until he discovered the reality, effectiveness and truth of Muay Thai. Always following martial pursuits and testing the reality of them; Anthony opened Phoenix to continue, and share, his passion. Anthony has over 35 years of coaching and competition experience at Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, and MMA. As a demonstration of his athleticism, mental toughness and stubbornness; Anthony has been a national endurance ‘24hr’ Mountain Bike Champion (in his 40’s). He has represented Australia as an athlete, a coach, an Army Officer and a security specialist. Plus, he has a wide variety of martial experience, from punch up’s to gun fights.


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Anthony is a disciplined, demanding and direct coach who focuses on achievement through effort, diligence, sacrifice, teamwork and fairness. Anthony puts his soul into Phoenix and delivers his wealth of fighting, coaching and life knowledge to every student. You can rely on Anthony to cut through the complexity and tell you what is needed to succeed, whether you like the answer or not. As a coach, he likes to see ordinary people develop into something extraordinary. He believes your training should develop your character, with a balanced approach to physical and mental strength.  Anthony’s true passion is for hard, disciplined training that is always challenging, physically tough and innovative; but above all, effective. Anthony follows a ‘shut up and train’ principle; which ensures people earn every achievement through hard work in a team environment.

Phoenix has always had a small and dedicated fight team which represents the club and embodies our slogan – FORGED IN FIRE. Anthony has cornered over 800 fights for TEAM PHOENIX; including Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA and Boxing.  Anthony has amazing success with children’s training; developing and delivering an incredible kids’ program, which breeds success in life and ensures Phoenix is growing and improving for the future. Anthony was also Muaythai Australia President, the peak body for Muay Thai in Australia. This includes leading Australian teams, to numerous Junior and Senior World Championships, as a Coach and Manager. Team Phoenix has had numerous gold, silver and bronze medalists at IFMA World Championships in the past but now the Muay Thai world has grown so much there is other pathways.

Anthony is a 42nd Dan Master, of the non-contact, long range, chi death touch in silent bullshitzu. He holds a 14th Dan in 33 secret lethal fighting arts and an 11th Dan in no touch street wise modern ninja, jedi master tricky shit. He is a 4th degree 8th level sifu Khru in psychological warfare, pickafightjitsu and a white belt gold sash at escalating verbal smack talk.

Anthony has minor superhero powers including being able to detect bullshit at 5m and pick the ending to most movies within 10 minutes of the start.  Anthony holds master sifu 17th Dan Black Belt levels at all martial arts with an Asian sounding name invented since 1989. He can silence you at 300m in a single shot or choke you out in your sleep after breaking 12 defenseless pieces of wood.

He holds the world record for the longest non punctuated sentence of all time – What Phoenix is NOT. He is the highest graded black belt in Thai pad holding in Mitchell and has over 32 rubber knife fighting championships belts. He can hold onto a grudge like his life depends on it due to the patience he learnt in sniper training; which he secretly wants to use.

Anthony has no time for part-time over weight never was non contact, guru wannabes martial art McDojo clubs or people that fall for the bullshit.