Membership Summary



We area membership based club. Phoenix is different, we offer a UNLIMITED club membership for a sport and martial training system.

You do a free trial/consult, then you will do a 3 month course to develop your skills, fitness and the training habits required to get a solid foundation and general knowledge of Muay Thai by Phoenix. It is the membership ‘you need’ to fulfil ‘your goals’ and make great training a part of your life.

You are signing up to do a martial art & combat sport that will take time to learn and get the benefits from. You will participate in a grading system that will make you fitter, faster, stronger and tougher than you have ever been. You will follow a proven competency based system that will give you solid Muay Thai, fighting, and self defence skills with world class coaching.

Although you will do competition level based training we know most people never compete, they just want to be proud of what they do, be competent, get really fit and take on a challenge. Why not train like a fighter, develop and be as fit and strong as you can be.

It is a keep up system that develops ability and character and no one gets a trophy for just turning up. Every step is incrementally harder and designed to forge you in fire, to sharpen you for life. Phoenix is a Muay Thai club that will develop the warrior within and teaches real fighting skills enhanced by a warrior code of conduct and positive life habits.


Is Phoenix for you?

Phoenix is a great place to train if you are the sort of person who wants to be good at what they do and achieve their goals through hard work and commitment. We have 25 + years of results and the depth and authentic training that will work for you, if you turn up and have a go.

We are a teamwork club and will be in your corner all the way. We will coach and guide you with everything we know and provide both a positive and honest training environment for you to learn, develop and over come challenges that will enhance your life.

It is not all unicorns, roses, SM poses and easy compliments. You will earn every step through a disciplined, structured, and proven system. You will develop pride in your achievements through sweat, tears and grinding challenges beside your teammates.


Once you have trained at Phoenix, everything else is easy.