Membership includes unlimited classes. Classes will include a demanding sport specific warm up, skill instruction and revision, partner work, bag work, and more conditioning. We follow a syllabus but you will never do the same class twice.  All classes have demanding fitness, a strong work ethic and that anything worth achieving is hard work. We follow a team work approach to everything.

Everyone should train at least 3 times a week and start building extra cardio and practice on top of this.

Most people never compete but every single member is taught effective martial arts that work. All of our coaches have extensive competition experience. Muay Thai  by Phoenix is one of the most well known clubs in Australia having produced consistent champions for over 25 years.

Our atmosphere is disciplined, structured, energetic, realistic, motivational and every class is a challenge. Come and join the team today. We are a non-traditional Thai Boxing club with no religious or spiritual aspects incorporated into our training.




Why Phoenix?

Why choose Phoenix for Muay Thai-kickboxing & Martial Arts?

We do Muay Thai as a sport and it awesome for fitness and self defence. We know how nervous it can be to join and start classes and we will look after you and get you started.

What is the KICKSTARTER program?  Your first few months is critical. It sets your foundations for skill, discipline and development. This program is get every new member past the first awkward challenging stage to a level of competency, ability and conditioning. You need at least 3 months to form the habits and discipline to really get the benefits from training.

Muay Thai by Phoenix

Muaythai by Phoenix

Our Muay Thai is delivered with world class coaching. Every class is programmed and you will follow a proven developmental system that works. We train as a team with a ‘shut up and train’ ethos following ‘what work’ principles with a non traditional sport specific based fighting style.

Our style is simple, effective, and backed with challenging conditioning. We have a fast paced, effective work rate style aimed at constant damage with a pressure based style that requires relentless ness and great fitness to work. We never ‘clone’ students, we develop you.

We are not fitness trainers with a 2-day pad holding course or people with two weeks in Thailand at a Muay Thai camp or worse; ‘Take ones Do’ McDojo black belts with no fight experience.  We wont bullshit you. We will help forge you to meet your goals. We have tested everything we do in competition and life and have been committed to passing it on to you as the focus of our lives. The head coach has spent the vast bulk of his life training, fighting, and learning Martial Arts with extensive competition & real-world fighting experience and holds nothing back. We are not a business, we  are a club.

World Class

Phoenix has a world class club house in Mitchell, ACT. (with 24hr access)

25+ years ago Phoenix opened the first full time Kickboxing and Muay Thai in club in the ACT. For 25+ years we have had a full time facility and a constantly growing commercial operation covering many combat sports. We have had many versions much much bigger and famous but now we are  specialised and serious about training. We operated part-time from the AIS for 2023 but we are now back in Mitchell & Valhalla.

New Phoenix from 2024. Our facility is world class and our most focused facility ever. We are doing this because we are specialised, unique and provide world class training with no interest in massive numbers, saying yes to everyone, base line average performances or social media bullshit fame that is focused on fame over competence. Sorry, we are not insta famous and don’t aim to grow egos.

If you want to be coached well and honestly, train with a great group of committed people – Phoenix is worth a try.