Classes include Muay Thai – Kickboxing for Adults & Children

Classes will include a demanding sport specific warm up, skill instruction and revision, partner work, bag work, and more conditioning. We follow a syllabus but you will never do the same class twice.  All classes have demanding fitness, a strong work ethic and that anything worth achieving is hard work. We follow a team work approach to everything. 

Everyone should train at least 3 times a week and start building extra cardio and practice on top of this. 

Most people never compete but every single member is taught effective martial arts that work. All of our coaches have extensive competition experience. Muay Thai  by Phoenix is one of the most well known clubs in Australia having produced consistent champions for over 25 years.

Our atmosphere is disciplined, structured, energetic, realistic, motivational and every class is a challenge. Come and join the team today. We are a non-traditional Thai Boxing club with no religious or spiritual aspects incorporated into our training.


If you can face adversity by choice you can never be unhappy.