From 5-15 years


  • Our children’s martial arts program focuses on training kids to be safe and strong. We believe that robust physical training, discipline, and work ethic is great character development for your child.
  • Phoenix has been developing character and skills in Children for over 25 years.
  • Phoenix kids’ martial arts classes are broken into ages, for 5-8 years, 8-12 years, 12- 15 years. Kids 14+ can do adult classes. Intermediate kids 12+ can do adult & intermediate classes.
  • Phoenix Children’s martial arts programs are a modern martial art approach to effective physical and mental development. The base system is Muay Thai (kickboxing), but kids also learn street wise self-protection, counter bullying and assertiveness training.
  • The program is a real-life contact based practical program that includes striking to all parts of the body and learning to defend strikes, that is practiced through contact and application.
  • We have male and female coaches all with Working with vulnerable People Certificates.
  • It is a keep up program and designed to be challenging. We have an expectation of real effort and good behaviour from Children.
  • We are a keep up program that strives for excellence and rewards merit. We are a contact sport.
  • Phoenix is not a traditional Thai club and we do not teach spiritual or religious aspects of Thai boxing or Thai culture.


More Information about the Warrior Program.

Muay Thai is one of the toughest sports in the world. As a martial art it is unparralled for effectiveness, practicality, and physical challenges. Doing Muay Thai as a sport will develop your physical and mental strength and get you fitter than you have ever been. You will learn to stand up for yourself and bullies will stay away from you.

It is not easy, not a given and is a rigorous process. It only works if you take it seriously and train regularly over a long period of time. It is a contact sport and requires a deliberate development program and disciplined training. If you want a challenge that will develop toughness and confidence, then try Muay Thai but be prepared for challenges, hard work, strict training, physical contact, routine physicality, and a rigorous approach to development that isn’t all unicorns and rainbows.

It is great fun, very rewarding and develops pride through achievement, setbacks and overcoming challenges. If you are a fit kid, athletic, love exercise, want challenges and want to improve your self then consider giving it a go. It won’t come easy and will take time but if you want to work hard in a disciplined teamwork environment that focuses on results then come and try.

If any child has a diagnosed disorder or any physical or mental health issues, they will be required to get specialist medical approval before participating in any of our programs. The training environment is a keep up program that requires a high level of physical ability and has routine (and confronting) psychological challenges in all program’s.