Non members welcome. We stock Twins, Warrior, Morgan. Phoenix and More for all your Muay Thai or Kickboxing equipment.

Like any sport you need equipment to train. At Phoenix we can supply everything you need when you train or to take your training to the next level. We have a range of equipment you must have to train plus lots of great merchandise you will look good in training.

If you need any equipment: ask at training or email [email protected].

If at anytime you just want some fancy new gear, let us know. We can get it for you.

We have:

  • Twins Gloves in all sizes.
  • Twins shin guards.
  • Phoenix Branded gloves and equipment.
  • Focus mitts
  • Thai pads
  • Wraps.
  • Mouthguards
  • Groin guards
  • Head gear for sparring
  • Muaythai and Boxing Shorts.
  • Hoodies, singlets, T’shirts and more.
Muay Thai Kickboxing Canberra trainer at Phoenix.