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Self Defence Requirements & A Warrior Code

REAL LIFE SELF DEFENCE REQUIREMENTS – A check list of how to be tougher to Kill and never be a victim. 

  • Have situational awareness and practice it.
  • Be sinical, trust your intuition and your fear signals.
  • Have Competent skills to counter the reality of threats in your life.
  • Have a code to live by and the discipline to maintain it.
  • Be Prepared, Always Practice and Always Learn.
  • Have Composure in the face of violence and ability to act.
  • Develop until you have subconscious competence in violent chaos.
  • Have the capability to inflict pain and utilise violence proportionally.
  • Have the capability to tolerate pain and suffering long enough to survive, overcome and resolve any situation. To endure for purpose.
  • Have something to fight for, something to live for and keep living for.
  • Have self-control and remain in control of your situations.
  • Never start fights but know how to end them.
  • Never get complacent and take responsibility for yourself.
  • Practice Self-assessment, evaluation, and constant development.

                                                          NEVER BE A VICTIM


  • Be competent.
  • Only use your skills for the protection of others or self.
  • Have humility, honour & fairness.
  • Never start fights but if you must fight – win.
  • Do what is right, not what is easy.
  • Have deep Integrity and be civil to others.
  • Be self-disciplined & have self-control.
  • Routinely engage in self-assessment.
  • Practice constant development.
  • Be loyal & grateful to those who develop & support you.
  • Be stoic in the face of chaos and conflict.
  • Ask questions of everything & find your own answers.
  • Forge your own path and be true to yourself and loved ones.
  • Be useful, responsible, considerate, tenacious.



Positive Attributes Negative Attributes
Adaptable                  Diligent Arrogance                      Vain
Realistic                      Resilient Inflexible                        Indoctrinated
Balanced                    Determined Thoughtless                   Inflexible
Courageous               Selfless Dogmatized                  Unrealistic
Genuine                     Usefulness Gullible                          Untested
Inventive                   Responsible Cowardly                       Incompetent
Modest                     Practical Vanity                            Rash
Organised                 Perceptive Lazy                                Egotistical
Honour                      Reliable Selfish                            Stupidty


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