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Muay Thai For Everyone


Phoenix Muay Thai (& Kickboxing) is a modern effective training system that teaches Muay Thai & more with a modern approach that is practical, fun, challenging and incorporates effective skills with great fitness to build a stronger you. We teach Muay Thai techniques including striking with punches, kicks, knees, elbows and clinching. Do it for fitness, to defend yourself, for a sport and to feel great.

Classes will include a demanding sport specific warm up, skill instruction and revision, partner work, bag work, and conditioning. We follow a syllabus but you will never do the same class twice. All classes have demanding fitness, a strong work ethic and follow a team work approach to everything.

We coach Muay Thai and do it with a fast paced relentless Kickboxing style. If you want to learn high quality skills and train with serious people, then try Phoenix. Most people never compete and just do Muay Thai just for challenging and fun. By serious we mean, turn up regularly, take their health and fitness seriously and commit to a disciplined routine schedule to improve and develop. Everyone should train at least 3 times a week and start building extra cardio and practice on top of this.


Muay Thai is the most dominate effective striking art in the world & Phoenix is world class at coaching it.

Muay Thai is an amazing workout that toughens your body and soul. Great for fitness, self-defence, and stress release.

Muay Thai – Kickboxing Canberra is coached in a professional, organised, disciplined and follows a graded developmental system.

You will learn to train hard, join into vigorous classes with like minded people to face challenges together.

Phoenix Muay Thai adds in realistic self-defence and real world martial skills like grappling, wrestling and open hand fighting.

Phoenix has 25 years+ experience and was the first full time professional club in the ACT.

Muay Thai works for self defence because it is simple, strong and based in reality.