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Anthony Manning

I was an active kid into every sport. I have been doing martial arts since I was 13, that is 40 years! Everything I have done has been towards the goal of being a martial artist that is competent, lives by a honourable code and is very fit and healthy. My martial skills of striking and grappling were enhanced by Army Officer training that taught me how to lead, plan, organise and kill, in combat and in self-defence. I have had to use my skills and knowledge as a professional, in self-defence and to handle the greatest challenges we don’t get to choose in life. I have competed extensively and coached many others to success in life and competition from individual achievement to world champions. I have tested what I know on myself and share everything with anyone willing to learn.

As a martial artist for life, I have specialised in competence, a life code of honour, persistence and grit. Physically, I have focused on striking, being very fit, real self defence and mountain bike riding. I have spent the last 25 years focusing on Muay Thai as a platform to develop fighting competence, fitness and character. Ever since I had a knee reconstruction in the Army, I have done Mountain bike riding to assist being super fit and to test my self mentally in endurance events. During this time, I have had 14 reconstructive operations, broken my spine, my nose, both feet and elbow and had complete knee and hip replacement. (no injuries from Muay Thai). I have always returned to training and over come every injury and set back. I have fallen down but eventually remember to be as mentally tough in life as I am in training and that one benefits the other. I have had failed relationships, been divorced, been betrayed by people close to me, hard dark thoughts, lost friends, had people close to me pass away, seen people die horrifically, had mental challenges, had anxiety, been hospitalised by stress, been forlorn and I still keep training and wanting to live a fulfilled life.

I keep coaching to inspire and share. I keep training because it is what keeps me centred, gives me purpose and how I cope with everything that happens in life. I want to live by a great example. I am content but still dream, I have a great life, a great farm and a fantastic wife. I know great people and have done great things, I see none of my challenges as a reason to lose hope, be angry or be depressed. That is because the training works, the lifestyle code works, and I am grateful for what I have and what I have done, and who I have shared it with. There is always more to come.

I have coached 1000’s of people and it has enhanced their lives while they have been training and for many years beyond. I put everything I know into coaching and try to be wise to advise the future. I have been an athlete that have represented my state and my country at more than one sport. I have coached and managed national teams, plus state and national champions. The people I like to work with are those right in front of me, who turn up to do their best. I still train to be as fit as I can and will continue to pursue challenges that seem beyond my capabilities because it isn’t a challenge if success is known, it isn’t life without risk, and you don’t achieve without sacrifice. I train mostly alone, to suffer alone because that is where you know your soul. I love training with others but as you age it is more about inspiring others than being in the team. My spirit is one that keep’s going no matter what, is grateful for the life I have and that I have someone one great to share it with and the many people that are a part of it.


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