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Self Protection Training

Self Protection Training is conducted as a seminar or tailor made courses

Phoenix follows a 100% Tested on Humans approach with everything we do. Self-Protection is about the awareness, attitude and ability to look after yourself. Self Protection can be broken down to; increased knowledge and awareness, protective behaviour, predicative indicators and physical self defence skills.

Everything we do is focused on education to reduce the risk of ever being a victim and extends right up to how to handle physical conflict. Danger is out there and can find you. Phoenix aims to increase the awareness of threats and the risks faced and then prepare people to meet those threats.  Phoenix is about empowering you through knowledge, awareness and skills to maximise your ability to look after yourself. To do everything you can to never be a victim through skills and a strong mind set. Self-defence is learning mental and physical skills including threat understanding, awareness, risk identification, and the physical skills required to protect yourself in imminent danger.

Phoenix provides real information and realistic capabilities to everyone we educate.

Our 100% Tested on Humans approach can be tailor made to the audience to ensure maximum effectiveness. Our training works best when it is tailor made to your group, goals and expectations. External training times can be organised based on your needs and requirements.

Contact or Anthony – [email protected] directly on 0408570961 for more info.
Courses can be tailor made for schools, businesses or specific needs/threats.
  • Protective Behaviour and YOU
  • Threats, Risks and assessing the situation
  • Developing your awareness and Confidence with knowledge and skills
  • Recognising your reactions to fear, anxiety and conflict.
  • Threats from Violent Crime
  • Reading your innate fear signals and trusting them
  • Reading patterns of behaviour in perpetrators and armouring yourself.
  • What do predators do? Learn about grooming, normalising, coercive control and more.
  • Relationship violence and your self protection. (non physical and physical)
  • Using Physical skills to learn how to fight so you dont have to fight.
  • Red flags for Teenager – Red Flags for Relationships – Red Flags for Life
  • Travel security (if that ever happens again!)