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How to Join

Adults & Children's Classes


How to JOIN Phoenix for Children & Adult Classes

Please ensure you have done a trial class and/or the Head Coach Q&A before joining.

Your free trial registration form is your registration form. All you need to do to join is complete a PAYMENT FORM.

PLEASE COMPLETE THE PAYMENT FORM ONLINE HERE TO JOIN & we will email you back to confirm.

All new members start on the 3 month ‘KICKSTARTER’ program.

All new members including Kids and Adult Must have a starter pack to commence classes.

Previous members fill in the same payment form and just start training.

What is the KICKSTARTER program? Your first few months is critical. It sets your foundations for skill, discipline and development. This program is get every new member past the first awkward challenging stage to a level of competency, ability and conditioning. You need at least 3 months to form the habits and discipline to really get the benefits from training.

A bit more info:

At the end of your ‘Kickstarter’ your membership is ongoing until deactivated by you on a deactivation form.

All terms and conditions of membership are included on the payment form.