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Being A Member


Training alwasy makes you feel better. Phoenix does great workouts, with discipline, with routine, with achievement. Pride comes from your achievements of routinely completing challenges classes and noticing your progression immediately.

We break classes up into levels and focuses for everyone. We will always do basics, fundamentals and build your skill & fitness. We will break classes up by level/experience and you will be invited/Graded to the do intermediate training when you are ready. Every class has a warm up. basics, partner work, pad work, fitness, skill development, application drills and how to make your skills work. Every class is strict, serious and focused on training.

We do Muay Thai & Kickboxing as a sport and lifestyle pursuits. We teach everyone to be as good as they can be and what they do with it is up to them. Most people never compete but we teach  everyone to to be effective, to spar and to be good at sparring.

We follow a grading system with stringent standards of development you will be proud to achieve.

You don’t know fitness until you do regular sparring.  A lot of people join for fitness but we are not a fitness club, people train at Phoenix to learn and do Muay Thai and you will be fitter than you have ever been – Fitness with a purpose!

Phoenix is Canberra’s longest running professional Muay Thai club. Phoenix coaches world class programs with world class coaches. For over 25 years we have been turning ordinary people into champions, in life and the ring. We are a result’s driven club that will get the best out of you, and push you to meet your goals in life and your fitness. Do Muay Thai  at Phoenix and you are assured you can go anywhere in the world and your skills will be real and treated with respect.

The owner and coaches are at the classes every day – training, coaching and leading by example. Every coach was a member first and learnt their craft through many years of hard work and dedication. Our Program Coaches are all long term members passing on their knowledge to you.

Your training partners will share your experience and your coaches will inspire and push you. Most people join Phoenix for fitness as an alternative to a ‘fitness center’ but stay because it is so much more. Our fitness is based on based on athletic development, reality based, no gimmick training that works because it is simple, effective and fun.

You get a compliment at Phoenix – you earn it. There is a very team work orientated approach to training but our coaches are experts at improving you, and are not paid to give you a hug and high five every time you complete a push up – you are meant to be working hard!