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Membership Information


Membership at Phoenix is easy. Do a trial/consult >> Join >> Train. EVERY NEW MEMBER DOES A 3 MONTH ‘KICKSTARTER’ COURSE to develop the foundations required in skill and fitness. All Membership includes unlimited classes for your program/age. Membership is then ongoing via fortnightly direct debit with no minimum period. 18+ members can apply for 24hr access. Your Free Trail registration is your club registration form. The payment form is your membership joining form. Although you will do competition level based training we know most people never compete, they just want to be proud of what they do.


Why choose Phoenix for Muay Thai-kickboxing & Martial Arts?

We do Muay Thai as a sport and it awesome for fitness and self defence. We know how nervous it can be to join and start classes and we will look after you and get you started.

What is the KICKSTARTER program? Your first few months is critical. It sets your foundations for skill, discipline and development. This program is get every new member past the first awkward challenging stage to a level of competency, ability and conditioning. You need at least 3 months to form the habits and discipline to really get the benefits from training.

Phoenix is a great place to train if you are the sort of person who wants to be good at what they do and achieve their goals through hard work and commitment. We have 25 + years of results and the depth and authentic training that will work for you, if you turn up and have a go.

It is not all unicorns, roses, SM poses and easy compliments. You will earn every step through a disciplined, structured, and proven system. You will develop pride in your achievements through sweat, tears and grinding challenges beside your teammates.

As a Phoenix member, you should train consistently. You should do a three session a week plus an additional 2 running/cardio/other sport session. If you only make 2 classes a week, you need to do another sport or run, ride or swim to build your fitness or the training will not work .

We expect you are on time for classes with a positive can-do hard work attitude, pay your training fees on time and always turn up for yourself and the team. Other people are relying on you. We expect you to not come if you are sick but if you are injured or tired, turn up, we can adjust the training, or you can learn by watching.

Discipline and routine are key. Make the choice to train and say no to distractions. We will guide your ambitions and coach and assist you but in the end it is up to you. Its the 1000 little decisions you make every day that will make you better. TURN UP.

Phoenix has a world class club house in Mitchell, ACT. (with 24hr access)

25+ years ago Phoenix opened the first full time Kickboxing and Muay Thai in club in the ACT. For 25+ years we have had a full time facility and a constantly growing commercial operation covering many combat sports. We have had many versions much much bigger and famous but now we are specialised and serious about training. We focus on Muay Thai and do it well.

New Phoenix from 2024. Our facility is world class and our most focused facility ever. We are doing this because we are specialised, unique and provide world class training with no interest in massive numbers, saying yes to everyone, base line average performances. Sorry, we are not insta famous and don’t aim to grow egos.

If you want to be coached well and honestly, train with a great group of committed people – Phoenix is worth a try.