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Class Descriptions


MUAYTHAI – Punches, elbows, knees, clinching, kicks, defenses, takedowns, mental strength, resilience, cardio, intensity, strength, pride & teamwork.

KICKBOXING – is a set or competition rules derived from Muaythai but without elbows and clinching, which is usually at a faster pace.

PHOENIX IS ALL ACTION MUAY THAI – Our Muay Thai is based on an aggressive work rate with a damage/power-based style and superior fitness.

Phoenix is about training Muay Thai for a sport and following a grading system as your sport and routine fitness activity.



Classes will include a demanding sport specific warm up, skill instruction and revision, partner work, bag work, and conditioning. We follow a syllabus but you will never do the same class twice.  We follow a team work approach to everything.

Most people never compete but every single member is taught effective skills that work. All of our coaches have extensive competition experience. Muay Thai  by Phoenix is one of the most well known clubs in Australia having produced consistent champions for over 25 years.

Our atmosphere is disciplined, structured, energetic, realistic, motivational and every class is a challenge. Come and join the team today.


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Each class is programmed in accordance with the training program.

Every class commences with a quick overview, a solid warm up, skills training, skills practice and will finish with a bang.

The entire class is punctuated with fitness ‘spikes’ and learning moments to think about and develop.

Classes are non-stop with breaks only as directed, like a sporting game.

Adults should do 3 classes per week selecting from Beginner/Intermediate Classes & FIGHTING FIT classes.

Juniors should do 2 classes per week.

Beginner classes develop solid foundations of skill, fitness and work ethic.

Require Grading to Level 1 Adults (Level 8 Juniors) and above.

Intermediate classes are always more intense, more exciting, and will constantly develop your skills, fitness, and mental fortitude.

All programs follow the Phoenix Grading System. The grading system is designed on a ‘what works’ principle and is based on competence, attitude &  teamwork. We are a contact sport and teach people to be warriors/fighters with a code.

The grading system is 100% proven in reality and based on competence. It ensure you can go anywhere in the world to do Muay Thai and your standard will be evident.  There is no memory tests, no forms, no belts and everything works and is practical.

Fighting Fit is High Intensity Conditioning, Phoenix style. The classes are for everyone and are a 100% output session. This is a great time for students of all levels to train together and develop your engine, will power and grit.

Session’s include bag rounds, bag drills, kettle bells, barbell, assault bikes and more. Format will vary for your variety and enjoyment.

We have a training facility at Valhalla (a training facility 15 minutes from Mitchell).

Look out for when classes are switched to Valhalla for out for outdoor adventure, views and farm experience.

If you ever want to do extra training and enjoy Valhalla views and facilities, please speak to reception about what is possible.