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Muay Thai Coach

Eimile doesn’t believe in homework, except when it comes to her own training. She is committed, diligent and always does extra work. This attitude is what inspires people to be coached by her. Eimile’s day job is a primary school teacher, so she is well equipped to deal with the challenges of coaching kids and adults. She is loved by the kids and feared (respected) by the adults. 

Eimile has been training at phoenix since 2016 and has developed through the grading system to be one of the most advanced and competent students at Phoenix, ever. She is a fighter and has professional competition experience having competed in NSW, Vic, and QLD on numerous occasions.

She is the friendliest coach at Phoenix but behind the smile is a relentless and determined person who can kick your head off if you cross her. Eimile started at Phoenix just to build strength and feel strong but soon got addicted to the challenge and fun of punching and kicking people.

Eimile is a valued member of the coaching team and at Phoenix every day to help you get started.