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Muay Thai Coach

 Jared began his Phoenix Journey when he came into the gym to do weights and liked the fact that the place was empty, had no mirrors and wasn’t full of meatheads. That way he could be left in peace. He soon got interested in the guys punching each other in the face and jumped in to give that a go. He soon learnt that the tough guys at Phoenix, often don’t look like it, are female, nerdy and just good people that work hard.

10 years alter and Jared still comes to Phoenix every day. He still does some weights, but the focus is 100% Muay Thai. Jared is a senior student having worked through the grading system for over 10 years. Jared is one of the most experienced Phoenix athletes having competed in Australia, Thailand, Mexico and New Zealand. Jared has won the MTA Australian Nationals and represented Australia at the World Championships. Despite how intimidating Jared acts when he competes and spar’s, he is at home coaching the kids’ classes and relates well to the energetic and crazier children.

Jared is a Coach of the Muay Thai and Children’s Programs and a very enthusiastic coach of up-and-coming fighters. Jared’s children also train at Phoenix. His family is a great example of the generations that are part of the Phoenix family. Jared owns and operates his own business in the construction industry and like many members, is a very busy person, that fits Phoenix into his life because of what Phoenix adds to the enjoyment of life.