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Fitness Coach & Lifting Heavy Things

Nick joined Phoenix gym in 2007 after a highly successful Rugby Union career that saw him represent the ACT and Australia. He initially joined the gym as a way to stay fit and try something new during the off season, however his love of the Phoenix systems grew to a point where he gave up Rugby to focus on training at the gym.

He started training at boxing, which he took to quickly, then moved onto wrestling and BJJ. After several months of training Nick decided he wanted to test himself further and Anthony invited him to join Saturdays ‘Fight Club’ where he had the opportunity to spar with some of Australia’s best fighters. Nick went on to represent Phoenix Gym in competitions and was the first member of the club to compete in an MMA match. After 5 fights Nick moved on to focus on the strength and conditioning side of the gym and developed a passion for Phoenixfit.

He was awarded the Phoenixfit student of the year in 2012. Not long after, he began to regularly coach classes and is now a recognised Phoenixfit coach.  Nick enjoys watching members push themselves hard and become fitter, faster and stronger. Nick is also a fulltime primary school teacher which he has been doing for over ten years.

Nick is the fastest heavy weight runner from Phoenix, ever. He has completed a few marathons to add to his relentless Grunt Fit schedule and continues to get fitter and stronger, always Leading by example.