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Muay Thai Coach

Olivia started her Phoenix journey when she was 14 years old and rapidly progressed in the system due to her experience at sport, her athleticism but mostly because of her relentless to improve. Olivia was an ‘A’ grade soccer player as a teenager but soon got addicted to the harder physical training and contact sport elements of Phoenix training. As a junior in her first sparring sessions, she wasn’t ‘great’ and got bested by a few girls. This experience ensured Olivia that she never wanted to be bested again. She has committed to working harder than anyone, everyday, in every class, ever since.

Olivia had her first competition at 17 and unlike most people, she was far more excited and super keen, than nervous. She just wanted to get in there and go, to have a goal for all her hard training and mix it up. She won in devastating fashion of course. Olivia has consistently competed since, winning her first Title when she was just 19, an MTA NSW State Title.

Her first experience at the Muay Thai Nationals earned here a bronze medal but a year later she returned to win GOLD. She was also selected in the Australian Under 23’s team that same year. Olivia is also a registered professional boxer and has duel Muay Thai and Boxing experience.

Olivia is a senior Student at Phoenix and a Coach of the Children’s program and Muay Thai Program.

Olivia is more excited about politics than anything else in her world, so look out for her name in the future. She is known to sit through an entire coverage of election results and has a picture of Anthony Green in her bedroom. She is currently studying politics and law at ANU and is the fittest vegan Phoenix has ever had.