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I have developed these for me, they are not designed for everyone. Maybe a few of them will help your life stay centered and will resonate with you. I read them often and remember the lessons behind then and how they can help me every day in making the most of life.

  1. Get out of bed.
  2. Never be a victim.
  3. Ask what? not Why?
  4. Do not shit where you eat.
  5. Your attitude is up to you.
  6. Learn how to take a punch in the face – and fight back.
  7. Live your best life. Live like you would live if you lived for eternity.
  9. Take on challenges and have no excuses.
  10. Being skeptical is healthy intellectually and a great start point.
  11. Out yourself in adversity routinely in order to develop resilience.
  12. Religion is the greatest lie of all time, but the archetypes and myths can guide life.
  13. You are capable of amazing things.
  14. You are responsible for everything that happens to you and your role in your community. Deal with it and be a good person.
  15. Never take anyone or anything for granted.
  16. Stand up for yourself and have the character to do what you know is right and true.
  17. Follow your dreams and your passion to live a full life.
  18. Be proud of your achievements and stand tall to face all challenges.
  19. Never confuse comfort with happiness.
  20. No one is entitled to anything – earn it, respect it and remain humble.
  21. Work hard at everything you do and everyone important in your life.
  22. Remember the value of loyalty and who contributed to who you are.
  23. Happiness is possible when you find what you enjoy and people you enjoy doing it with.
  24. Talent is over rated. Hard work and integrity are alwasy more important.
  25. There are alwasy people out there smarter, faster, and better than you, all you can do is the best you can. They have their own problems too, never compare one part of someone’s life.
  26. Every set back is a lesson to learn and improve on.
  27. The older you get, the more you know what you don’t like and don’t tolerate.
  28. Experiences (memories) are more valuable than assets.
  29. Sometimes life is just good as it is going to get – right now – enjoy it.
  30. Alwasy tell jokes that make you laugh, even if other people don’t like them.
  31. Work to learn, not to earn and you will be more successful and happier.
  32. Self-awareness (internal and external) is very important to live a good life.
  33. You can alwasy learn or experience something new that can change your opinion and improve your knowledge.
  34. Leadership is to inspire, serve, take responsibility and have other peoples back.
  35. Life is like compound interest – you grow exponentially in all things as you age and persist.
  36. Follow your northern star and don’t let your goals hold you back form opportunity.
  37. Evaluate decisions as they are the keys to life – always ask ‘so what?’ to your options.
  38. Know when to holdem, know when to foldem and know when to walk away.
  39. The past lives in you but you are not your past.
  40. With 40 lessons to live by – be flexible and give your self a break sometimes.

Since writing these for me over covid, I read them often and focus on 1 a day, reflect and think about them and they fit or help now. I love a good quote and could add in many other lessons since and even replace some of them with new lessons but these are a good start. The older you get, the more you will understand and relate to the ones that benefit you.


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