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The LAW’s of HARD according to LIFE.


Life is hard and there are so many hard things that we need some dot point of what actually is hard and why hard is good, hard is life.

  • That everything in your life is good because everything in your life has made you who you are.
  • That nothing of any value in your life is easy.
  • That you are, who you are, because of the HARD not the soft.
  • That everything great in life comes after you have endured something HARD.
  • That the greatest challenges in life are ones we do not get to choose, they are HARD, they define you. You can only prepare for the future by developing your ability to deal with HARD.
  • Work HARD at what you want to be good at, work HARD to learn new things, work HARD on everything important to you but also do ‘new’ HARD things ‘consistently’ to test yourself.
  • That if you can deliberately face adversity you can never be unhappy.
  • That everyone should do HARD things  in their life and face adversity on a daily and consistent basis.
  • That you (especially children) shouldn’t have a choice to have something HARD in their life that takes failure, that tests them, that builds them. Something HARD to learn and HARD to do.
  • Physical training should be HARD. You must be physical every day. The HARD part of the workout plan is following the program with discipline, routinely and consistently. Every workout doesn’t have to be HARD (as sub maximal workouts are beneficial) as just doing it is HARD. TURN UP! (walking is not HARD, golf is not HARD, easy is not HARD, E-bikes are not HARD)
  • If you feel sad and down, don’t have a safe place, have a HARD place, a local mountain, a local Muay Thai club. Somewhere you go to test yourself and earn the right to feel better.
  • Face self-analysis and criticism. Deal with shame, be found wanting, face up to it and improve. That is the HARD and only way to improve for the future.
  • Have HARD conversations and face them to ensure you live your best and never lie through silence.
  • Set HARD challenges, daily, monthly, quarterly and epic annual events.
  • Be HARD by just being disciplined to stick to a training routine well beyond when your motivation declines. HARD is not a one off, HARD is routine and discipline through adversity.
  • Self-Control is HARD. Develop Hardness through control and choices.
  • You can endure anything if there is a purpose to it.
  • The Hardest thing to do is take responsibility for everything that happens to you in your life and deal with it, get through it, learn from it, grow and make the best of life after.
  • Getting out of bed and going can be the Hardest challenge, but do it every day, turn up and you can conquer anything.
  • Learning from your failures and facing yourself is the only way to be stronger and live a better life.
  • Have friends that make you face the truth about you but have no friends that don’t support you or put you down. Be HARD enough to cut them away.
  • Remember, everyone that is nice to you, is often not your friend.
  • Living HARD prepares you for life’s greatest challenges that you don’t get to choose.
  • This is a 90/10 law because you need time reflecting, reading, recovering, spas and massages and room for understanding other people’s feelings of those close to you. Understanding is HARD.
  • Life is an endurance test and the hardest thing for people that always work HARD is planned rest.
  • Mental strength is just the ability/confidence to know that you can get through anything, that it will pass, that it will be over. Being HARD is suffering through knowing you will overcome and the new you will be forged stronger. The confidence to know everything will pass comes from HARD lessons.
  • Has anyone achieved anything being soft? Has anyone overcome anything soft? Has anyone been successful by being soft? Has anyone improved their mental health by being soft? Has being soft worked for anyone, anytime to overcome anything?
  • If you are not who you want to be, you have no choice but to work HARD to overcome your weaknesses to be who you want to be.
  • Balance is overrated. Do HARD little things, get out of bed, eat well, train HARD, work HARD, work HARD on your relationships, work HARD on your recovery. Get up, turn up and work HARD.
  • Decisions/choices are HARD. It is the thousand little choices you make every day that count. Practice them. The HARD choices define your life and your future, so think HARD on them  – but make them.
  • Having a plan/goal can be HARD. Planning alternate courses of action is HARD. Have a plan A . Your plan B needs to be Plan A, or you will never get Plan A.
  • Self-Control is HARD – Never take recreational/performance enhancing drugs. Avoid getting drunk. Never ride an E-bike. These are all activities that are weak and show a lack of self control. They are a demonstration of weak choices and will lead to weaker choices.
  • Self-Control is HARD – Smart phone discipline is HARD. The machines are smarter than you, but you must be stronger. It is HARD to put your phone away, to not check messages, to not respond, to not surf other peoples lives on SM. You must be Harder than the AI expects you to be.
  • Soft things that will make you weak, unprepared for life and more likely to mentally collapse with life’s challenges. These simple weakness will make you soft and unprepared for HARD choices.
  • Getting out of bed is HARD but also getting going can HARD, turning up is HARD; they are all HARD daily tasks to get anywhere. Somedays its easy but most days the mundane and routine is what is HARD.
  • You cannot be HARD if you cannot face a HARD memory. Do self-analysis. Move on, suck it up and get over it. Learn from it, make different choices.
  • Being soft makes you softer. Being HARD makes you Harder. It is about your choices.

These include but are not limited to:

  • E-Bikes
  • Carry-on luggage with wheels,
  • Caring about people on Instagram before people in front of you.
  • Not being able to spend time and distance from your phone.
  • Safe places to go to when you feel down.

No matter how your life progresses you will get hit with HARD events and HARD times. Be prepared.


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