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The Phoenix System

Phoenix has a team of dedicated coaches and runs a structured and organised developmental program called the ‘Phoenix System’. The system was designed by Anthony Manning as an integration of ‘what works’ martial training and a military systemised training system: it is a professional academic approach to sport development programs. Phoenix specialises in Muay Thai, but the system of coaching, club membership and development are what makes it unique. Real Muay Thai – just better. Not just a sport, but a complete coaching system!

The ‘system’ differs from every other martial art system because of the design elements. The structured and programmed developmental system is the key, not the actual techniques. The techniques are live and fluid and we improve as they improve. We don’t coach like we did 20 or 10 or even 5 years ago. We learn and we progress; not in just technique, but method. Sports science, coaching methods, psychology and every element involved progresses and adapts. The effectiveness of the Phoenix System is that it keeps in touch with what works and then incorporates it.

The Phoenix System is designed as a training management plan to get a person from a beginner to an advanced fighter and beyond by systemising the coaching process and the athlete’s participation in this. Anthony has studied attributes and techniques you need to be able to apply to fight in Muay  Thai, and to be able fight to defend yourself, in a real fight. The system was broken down into the levels of competence required to progress from your first class through to being a successful advanced fighter.  The system factors in physical skill, athletic attributes, emotional states, mental strength and physical conditioning. It is a step by step progression to take any child or adult, willing to follow the system, to the highest level they want to achieve.  It won’t work for everyone, as it is exponentially harder and challenging the more experienced you become. Everyone will have their limit, but this will be as much about their choice and effort, as the increasing demands of each level.

The great part of Phoenix training is that the development system is there whether you train to grade, train to compete or just train for fitness. You will develop and you will improve. The system will work for you the longer you train, regardless of why you started. What you do with it and how far you take it, is up to you. Grading is not compulsory, and everyone has their own life to fit it around. Some people just want to be fit and have fun. This can be enjoyed in parallel to people training to grade. No one really trains just to grade; the grading levels are a recognition of development and for personal pride. Gradings are also for the structure of classes and teaching methods. People train because they love the challenge, the feeling and the improvement they feel every session. The grading system is far more honest and applicable than any memory based martial system.

Many people choose to stop at a certain level because it suits their own goals and life style. That is a part of the system but for the true adventurers, it is a life time pursuit. There are five levels in the system. A complete guide of the grading steps is available in the training handbooks. The complete system of technique, competence and requirements is on a massive spreadsheet on the wall at the gym. It is a competency-based grading system.

There are no time factors, only competence measurements. There are tests and struggles and things people need to experience. It will be different for everyone as everyone starts in a different place and has a different journey to a different destination. The aspects that factor in moving up a grade include: attendance, attitude and ability. Character traits are also required including persistence, knowledge, diligence, loyalty and team work.

The martial training is predominately Muay Thai that has progressed from a kickboxing base, with a heavy emphasis on Boxing. It also includes wrestling, ground work, self-defence and is all underpinned by the development of mental strength and character.

The difference at Phoenix comes down to the system, the coaches and the programs. Every Phoenix coach is experienced and part of a proven and effective development system. Every class you do will be planned, coordinated and programmed for you to be the best you can be. It is designed as a development system so the more time and effort you put in, the better you will be. Every class follows a planned format designed to coach, develop, test and ensure you improve – the Phoenix System. Satisfaction is felt every class.

The system has been achieving results for over 20 years and is being constantly improved and tested.  The system has been designed so that it will coach everyone to be a world champion but allows the students to decide what they want to do with it. Some compete, most just get really fit, learn to fight, develop into tougher and prouder people. Everyone has something great in their lives.

The Phoenix system is based on ability, attributes and aptitude; it is not a memory based, rote learned, repetitive structure.  The combination of the coaching methods, the training systems, the class planning and annual planning brings the best techniques to the students.

Designed with a training cycle in mind over many years, the Phoenix System breaks down what is needed to train, fight or be a fighter, into achievable steps. The classes are designed to develop every student through a process that builds them up every class, every week, every month, every year, to be good at what they do. Designed in reverse with the result required first and then broken down into time frames and levels. The system works backwards to ensure your beginner classes progress too intermediate, then advanced. Ensuring you can be as good as you ever could be, based on sound fundamentals and experience. It is Muay Thai – just better; it is Muay Thai – but so much more. The concepts and principles that are the foundation of Phoenix are applicable to any self defence or combat sport achievement.

The system is very effective for an open environment combat sport and is self-learning and progressive.  Phoenix teaches what works and is not held back by tradition. The traditions are looked at core values to embrace at every step; humility, respect, integrity, honour, a code to live by, discipline, loyalty and other character traits that people aspire to and are required to achieve.

The system is honest and real and every individual that participates will face themselves, their own weaknesses, their own desires and their own goals. It will determine if they measure up or are found wanting – they will then improve, get past hurdles and meet challenges they never thought possible.  Phoenix trains people to never quit, to never give up and to develop themselves into people that will work hard for something, over an extended period. The process and the struggle are what defines you. The system ensures people are disciplined, routine and commit on a regular basis. This is essential for personal growth and mental stability. At Phoenix, you can see who is more experienced just by looking at them train. Not by any belt, strut or attitude.

Most people train 3 days a week and fit training into their life as an important workout and to balance their daily routines. An escape, a workout, a stress break and a mental health check is all a part of the experience. Working out with likeminded people on the same path is enjoyable and rewarding with every experience. Training with regular discipline 3 times a week for 5 years is better than 6 times a week for 3 months.

At Phoenix, technique is very important but not when compared to application. We build your technique but what matters is your ability to apply and do, not show or act. That is why sparring is so important. That is why constantly testing yourself is critical.

You will get as much or as little out of the Phoenix System as you put in. Set goals, strive for them and have something in your life that gives your fitness a purpose.

– Anthony Manning


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